Members Page

I am really excited about being able to offer this awesome way to communicate everything we're doing to you!  Everything we're involved in is on our Calendar page.  I have included many events from all of the Holy Spirit Catholic Community parishes and our Knights of Columbus on the calendar as well.  So far I have not been able to open up a private "Members Only" section, so I can't post members' contact information.  I will also not be posting dollar amounts for any of our fundraisers.  You get the idea.  If you have any suggestions for this page, please let me know.  I very much appreciate the participation and ideas of all of the members!  If you do use these forms, please shoot me a text or email to let me know.  There is no notification and I want to be sure to process your request in a timely fashion.  Thank you.  

I figured out that I could use this page to help streamline our Thank You Notes.  So many businesses and individuals support us with donations, and we need an easy way to move this information along so we can promptly show our gratitude.  Please use the form on the right for this purpose.  

If you hear of a member or other parishioner who is ill, please contact our Social Welfare chair, Dorla Barres ( or 860-376-5011), to let her know.  If the person is not a member, please give her their name and address so she might send a card.  Social Welfare has become a very vibrant ministry, and I'm sure this must take up a great deal of Dorla's time.  Please keep this in mind and give her as much information as possible.  I have also created a form here for this purpose as well.  As you can imagine, sending the info through this website won't yield immediate results but I will relay the info to Dorla as soon as I see it.  I will also forward these to Fr. Ted and Fr. Steve as they are very interested in the welfare of the parishioners.  

Thank You Note, Please!

Social Welfare, Please!