September Newsletter

posted Sep 15, 2013, 6:34 PM by Maryann Stradczuk
What a fabulous success the Golf Tournament was!  Our incredible Golf Committee is already planning for next year, and the date has been set for Friday, August 8th at River Ridge Golf Course.  Thanks again to Paula Nowakowski, Elaine Durham, Rosie Payne, Dorla Barres, Madeline Illinger, and Karen Aubin!  You ladies are amazing!  I was fortunate to be able to attend this year.  The prizes were over the top and everyone had a very enjoyable day.  Even the weather was stellar!  Thank God I brought my parasol!  We had 21 sponsors and 38 golfers - most of whom said they would love to golf with us next year.  That says a lot.  

We are very close to having Handicapped Railings to the Sanctuary.  The money has been raised and the contractor has been chosen.  Fr. Ted has to meet with the contractor to let him know exactly where he would like them installed and approve the final design.  After all, once we drill the terrazzo floor, there's no going back!  

Thanks to Sue Haulotte for running our Tastefully Simple Fundraiser.  The sampling was really tasty and we all got some great ideas for new and different foods.  And there was a tidy profit for Columbiettes.  Win!

Speaking of Sue Haulotte.... she is also running our upcoming Book Sale on October 19th (10:00am-4:00pm).  Right now we are looking for donations of used books, CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes.  These items can be dropped off at the Rectory and are being stored on the stage in the Church Basement.  There is a box in the center vestibule of the Church.  Sue will be looking for volunteers to set up, sort, and sell books.

St. Mary's is still looking for a few good people to help clean and tidy the church on a weekly basis.  Teams are comprised of 2-4 members.  Many hands make light work!  Call or e-mail Sheila if you are able to help.

It's not too soon to be thinking about Christmas Poinsettias!  I have the web page up for sales and will be stuffing the bulletin a bit closer to the date.  Orders will be due and paid by November 4th (coincidentally our meeting night).  Order forms will be distributed at the October meeting.  We are ordering the poinsettias from Jewett City Greenhouse, so you know these are plants we can all be proud to sell!  And it's just nice to support a local business while doing something good.  Thank you, Kathy Kral, for this wonderful idea and all of your hard work in putting this together!    

September Birthdays - Elaine Durham (9/16), Barbara Hanes (9/15), Kathy Kral (9/10), Loretta Manning (9/11), and Mary Ann Manning (9/14).

We voted at the meeting to appropriate funding to make embroidered sashes for marching.  These will be embroidered with our logo by STM Embroidery.  Janice Steinhagen and Diana Weigel are spearheading this.  Obviously, we want to look snazzy for the upcoming Snowflake Parade (11/24).

This month's movie for 4th Friday Movie Night is "Night at the Museum" on September 27th.  This could gather steam and be a very nice youth ministry at St. Mary's.  The movie will be shown at the Parish Center (2nd floor) at 6:30pm.  C'mon out!

The food at the Pulled Pork Dinner was really great!  Thanks to Kathy Kral and everyone who sold tickets, shopped, cooked, set up, and cleaned up.  

Due to our successful fundraisers, we are able to have a commercial dishwasher installed in the church basement kitchen.  That's right!  Fr. Ted has approved the project and I had the sewer checked because of lingering rumors of problems.  The camera says we are in good shape!  The Knights have had a dishwasher donated, so the only cost to us is the installation.  Moving forward!

The Tri-Parish Pot Luck has been moved to October 20th at 5:00pm at St. Mary's.  By working together with St. Catherine's and Sts. Thomas & Anne, we expect a much better turn out.  Fr. Ted has suggested we have bingo after dinner as well.  Each parish will bring 4 wrapped gifts to be used as prizes.  St. Mary's prizes are being donated by Ann Olewnik, Cheryl Morin, Donna, Coombs, and Diane Manning.  Thank you, ladies!  I have added a sign up sheet to the website.  

40 Days for Life - From September 25th to November 3rd, the Diocese of Norwich is uniting with over 313 other communities in 49 states and 5 countries for the largest and longest coordinated pro-life unity of prayer, fasting, community outreach, and peaceful activism.  People of faith are praying that this effort will mark the beginning of the end of abortion.  The Holy Spirit Catholic Community (HSCC) has adopted Wednesday, October 2nd to pray for 24 hours.  Please sign up to walk in peaceful public witness in prayer outside the Planned Parenthood office on Case Street in Norwich for one hour.  Sheila is coordinating this.  Sheets are also posted in the vestibule.  

Yes, it is once again time for our Christmas Bazaar - December 7th!!  We had so much fun last year.  Amazingly, we put it together before we were even officially formed.  This year's event should go much smoother.  We will have an Estate Sale table, Silent Auction, vendors, food, and fun.  Right now we are looking to sign up vendors (see Christmas Bazaar page).  We are also looking for donations for the Estate Sale table (call Kathy Luty) and Silent Auction (Maryann Stradczuk).  Think about those unwanted vintage items you or your friends have hanging around for Estate Sale.  Think about items that people might bid on for Silent Auction.  Kathy Petersen has donated quite a few great items for the sales, so we are on our way!  Claire Hull will request our event be in the Norwich Bulletin.  We will ask Janice Steinhagen to get us into The Reminder (sorry, Janice, you weren't at the meeting!!).  Paula Nowakowski will see about having us on the Griswold TV.  I will attempt to put together a poster to promote this.  Ceil Roberge will ask her husband to make an additional sandwich sign to put in front of the church.

If you have adopted a member who doesn't have e-mail, please remember to call them when e-mails and notices come out.  One of our adoptees told me she didn't know that Vicki Rosich had something special planned for Social Hour.  I felt badly for her.  :(

We already have access to Square Register to take on the go payments by credit card.  This could come in handy for the Christmas Bazaar. We will also be setting up a PayPal account so people can pay for things on our website.  There are legal privacy issues with taking credit card payments.  But since we never actually see anyone's credit card info, we are in the clear.  And PayPal is known and trusted by consumers.  For our security, we will set up a separate bank account to receive payments from PayPal.

Two of our members are being treated for cancer - Elaine Durham and Ann Olewnik.  Together we are praying for them and their families.  Like many of you, I know first hand how incredibly difficult this is on families.  We are also offering our real support to our Sister Columbiettes.  Elaine and Ann - we love you!  You would make us happy if you ask us to help you.  

Finally, I'm really thrilled that we finally have a website of our own!  Please use this for all thing Columbiettes.  I have added many HSCC events as well, just for your convenience.  Obviously I can't post anything on the website that cannot be stated publicly, so I won't be posting dollar amounts or details about members only information.  My daughter is working on partitioning an area of the website that will be log in for members only.  That will include contact information and other non-public info.  Thank God for Holly so I don't flounder aimlessly.

Thanks for all you do!

-  Maryann