November Newsletter

posted Nov 8, 2013, 6:58 PM by Maryann Stradczuk

We had a very spirited meeting (as usual) this month!  Thanks to Joan Carlson, our District Deputy, for joining us.  She always has the correct answer to the question.  

Please join me in wishing a happy birthday to Sister Columbiettes Joan Carlson (11/8), Kathy Brophy (11/20), and Janice Steinhagen (11/22).  

Our happy group will be celebrating our one year anniversary beginning with the 11:00am mass on Sunday, December 1st.  Oh my goodness, it seems like so much longer!!  Mass will be followed by a First Degree Ceremony in the Church Hall and a pot luck lunch.  We know that Renee will be joining our ranks on that day.  If you know of someone who has been considering joining Columbiettes, please let them know about this opportunity to celebrate with us and join at the same time.  I would also like to take a picture of our Charter Members and the group as it is now on the church steps.  3rd and 4th Degree Knights of Columbus may join us for our First Degree Ceremony.  The set up should be pretty easy and I think we can do this after the Poinsettia Pickup the day before.  I will be contacting other Columbiette Presidents to see if they have any members they would like to bring in.  Only members on the Degree Team need to wear white shoes, and they only have to wear them for the First Degree.   

Kathy Kral will be setting up an account for Columbiettes at Love Me Two Times Consignment Shop.  Columbiettes have received a donation of clothes and Kathy will bring them there.  I will let you all know when this is complete so others could bring clothes to benefit Columbiettes.  St. Mary’s School used to have an account, and this was a very successful fundraiser.

Elaine Durham was hospitalized recently and Ann Olewnik begins chemo therapy.  We pray for God’s love and peace for them. 

The Poinsettia Pick Up day is Saturday, November 30th - 10:00am-noon.  Please try to remind anyone you sold a poinsettia to of this as well.  If you can help, or have any questions, please contact Kathy Kral

I have added some content on our website (!  On the lead page I will try to include some pictures of recent events.  I added a few from the Book Sale.  Stay tuned for a picture of Fr. Ted with a plunger from the Parish Center cleaning day!  Speaking of the Book Sale, this was very successful and we are already receiving donations for our next sale! 

Also on the website I have added a Members Page.  Let me know what you would like to see on this page - or any other page for that matter!  Keep in mind that nothing is private and I will not be posting addresses and phones, etc. - except my own.  I added two forms to the Members Page - Thank You Notes and Social Welfare.  If you want me to send a thank you note to a donor or supporter, this is your spot.  By providing me all the information needed to complete the job, you make it much easier for me to do a good job and get these out in a timely fashion - as they should be!  As far as Social Welfare, this form is to be used to relay information to Dorla Barres about people who are ill or in need of help.  If your issue is very time sensitive, please contact Dorla directly.  I plan to check these daily, but you know about the best laid plans….  I will also be copying the info from the site to Frs. Ted and Steve in case they didn’t already know.  

The Christmas Bazaar is fast upon us - December 7th!  We are still accepting vendors for this event.  Vendors can sign up on our website.  The table fee is only $25, so it’s a great deal for them.  The Estate Sale Committee (Dorla Barres, Kathy Luty, Terri Craig, Rosie Payne, and  Rosemary Robitaille) has been very busy working on lovely things and I can’t wait to see their tables!  We have had a number of things donated for Silent Auction, but honestly we could use more.  Please contact me if you have any questions regarding vendors, Silent Auction, or raffles.  Members donated crafted items for the Craft Committee (Patty Martinell, Jackie Connelly, and Ceil Roberge) at the meeting, and other members bought them on the spot.  This is brilliant!  After all, the purpose of it all is to make money, right?  Anyhow, if you would like to donate any craft items, contact Patty Martinell.  Food will be handled by Kathy Kral, Jo Ann Rowley, Barbara Haynes, and Dottie Rex.  Columbiettes will be asked to bake finger desserts for sale at the Food Booth.  Kathy Kral will check into the possibility of receiving donations from Panera Bread.  Barb Duda will have a table with fudge and candy and is donating all of the proceeds to Columbiettes.  Yay!!!  

Promotion of the Christmas Bazaar is very important and the task has been split among many for a better result.  Here’s how it goes:

Norwich Bulletin - Claire Hull

Griswold TV - Paula Nowakowski

Signs for Outside Church - Susan Kenny

The Reminder - Janice Steinhagen

Posters Around Town - Vicki Rosich - and all Columbiettes!!!

Announce from Pulpit - Sheila Landry

Church Bulletin Announcement - Maryann Stradczuk

I have some news about our Handicapped Accessibility for the Church Hall project.  The committee considered a few options and has decided to pursue a chair lift for the door on the Beatitudes side of the church.  Jo Ann Rowley found some information on vendors for chair lifts.  I reached out to two vendors yesterday, and one of them called me today.  His price for a public access certified chair lift that will accommodate 350# is $4950.  He will be sending me brochures, but I am very encouraged that the price is much more affordable than we had once thought.  We will need to replace the rickety doors and windows in the enclosure and extend the enclosure outward before we can have the lift installed.  We are making some progress!

I’m sure you all know that Fr. Ted has asked for donations from parishioners for the very large and unavoidable project now known as Roof, Mold, and Trees (RMT).  After quite a bit of discussion, it was decided that Columbiettes would donate to this project from the Small Projects Fund.  Our Columbiettes donation will be made in memory of deceased Columbiettes as Joan Carlson noted that one of her own members passed away last week.  Once again, I am very proud to be a Columbiette!  If you are making a donation from your own family budget, please be sure to note that your donation is in memory of someone.  Memorial donations stretch your dollars farther!

Kathy Kral suggested a Pasta Dinner to benefit the Roof, Mold, and Trees Fund.  Yes!  As you know, all of our fundraisers are split - 10% to the St. Mary’s General Fund, 10% to the Columbiettes Endowment Fund, 40% to Small Projects, 40% to Large Projects.  Since this is a very unusual case, all of the proceeds will go to the RMT Fund.  The date will be Saturday, January 18th after the 4:00pm mass.    

The Snowflake Parade is Sunday, November 24th.  We will muster at the Griswold Middle School at 1:00pm.  The parade kicks off at 2:00pm and will end up at Veterans Park.  Once again, we will be led out by the Knights of Columbus Color Corp and our banner.  We will also have a car available for members who are unable to walk the route.  My car can take up to 5 members.  I am trying to have Columbiette door banners so everyone will know that the people in the car are our own.   

We are the most vibrant group I know!  Thanks so much for all you do!

-  Maryann   

Maryann Stradczuk,
Nov 8, 2013, 6:58 PM