Newsletter - May 2015

posted May 6, 2015, 3:26 AM by Maryann Stradczuk
Hello Ladies
We are planning to sell raffle tickets, dinner tickets, and donated items this Saturday, May 9th, 9:00am-2:00pm at Griswold Middle School’s Junk in the Trunk Sale.  Kathy Kral has scored us a parking space to peddle our wares.  We have loads of items in our first floor storage room.  Vicki Rosich has volunteered to sell on Saturday.  Allison Turcotte can be there for a bit in the morning.  We are also looking for some ladies to help bring Trunk Sale items from the Parish Center to the Middle School on the morning of.  Vicki, possibly Kathy Kral, and I will spend some time on Friday – beginning at 11:00am – at the Parish Center organizing items for sale.  This sale could be very good for us in clearing out our storage room, raising money, and selling tickets.  If there is a safe (and clean) way to display our banner, please feel free to bring it with you.  This would also be a good event to use our new aprons!  If your name isn’t here, but you are able to help out in some regard, please let Kathy or Vickiknow.  Other events at the Junk in the Trunk Sale are a plant sale, car wash, food, and family fun booths.  Sounds like a fun day!  If you have any questions, Kathy Kral is your girl on this event.
Another upcoming fun event that we are participating in will be the Griswold Bicentennial Parade.  Thanks to Becky Jusseaume for keeping us on the path with this!  The date is Saturday, May 16th.  The parade steps off at 1:00, so marchers should be at Plastic Wire & Cable (East Main Street & Brown Avenue) by 12:30.  Please remember to bring our banner so everyone will know who you are!  Staging opens at 10:00, and I suspect there will be lots going on that day.  Jo Ann Rowley (chair), Rosie Payne, Dorla Barres, Terri Craig, and Kristi Surratt have volunteered to sell water, snacks, raffle and dinner tickets during the parade.  Those members should arrive at the Church by 11:00.  Renee has arranged for four Daughters of the Holy Spirit to go with us.  As they are now advanced in age, they will need a car in the parade – which we do not yet have.
And if that wasn’t enough, we are going to be followed by our own float during the Bicentennial Parade.   The plan is to have a statue of Mary surrounded by flowers.  We’ve never had a float before, so this is pretty cool!  Becky has procured a trailer for this purpose and it will be in the middle bay of the Rectory from Wednesday to Sunday for decoration.  Alex Kral, Traci Edwards, Becky Jusseaume, Kathy Kral, and Lisa Lavado have volunteered to assist with the float decoration.  The flowers will come from the massive donation of flowers received through Rosie Payne, Karen Aubin, and Terri Craig.  Everything is lined up for this, but it will still take some planning and work.  Please contact Becky if you are able to help out.  We also could use a vehicle to tow the float.  If your tow vehicle is one that could transport four nuns, that would be even better!
Donna Coombs is your source for Cash Raffle Tickets.  I carry them around and sell them at odd places (the doctor’s office staff, Weight Watchers).  I am also selling them to family, friends, and co-workers – pretty much anybody I bump into is interested in having more cash.   If you have any tickets and want to sell them before or after mass, please just step up.  This is how we can make this project really succeed for our Parish.  Donna has distributed about 2100 tickets and it will take a lot more than that to have this work.  
It was so nice to see so many of you at Monday’s meeting!  I’m sorry I couldn’t stay afterward, but I had to go off to bed as I am in the middle of my third shift week.   Our next meeting will be June 1st at 7:00pm.  Social Hour will begin at 6:00pm.  Prospective members are welcome to join us for Social Hour.  
Columbiette shirts (and anything else you could possibly want) with our embroidered logo are available through STM Embroidery (  Stan (one of our Knights) and Teresa are parishioners and have been simply stellar in the price and service department.  
Patty Martinell is back from Florida!!  That means that once she gets her house aired out from a long winter, she and Ceil Roberge will be putting together our Shoeboxes for the Homeless for us to take to the State Convention on June 13th.
We are having a good old fashioned Yard Sale on Saturday, June 27th!  Vicki Rosich has taken chairmanship of this event and is looking for help.  Yes, we have the Raffle Dinner and Drawing that day as well, so adjust yourself accordingly.  Anyone can purchase a 10’x10’ space on our properties for $25.  People are welcome to use a table from the Church Hall upon request and must bring it outside themselves.  They are way too heavy to expect Vicki to bring all that way!!   Sue Haulotte will be running a Book Sale that day and is looking for those books you’ve been hoarding.  You know who you are!  Cheryl Morin has volunteered to add our event to Griswold Now.  We will use this opportunity to sell Raffle & Dinner Tickets and also clear out our overflowing storage room on the first floor of the Parish Center.  No times have been set for this yet as we are in the organizational phase.  Suggestions are welcome. 
On May 17th, the Parish School of Religion will be doing a Living Rosary at 10:00am.  This is the last day of class.  Preparations are underway and Columbiettes have been requested to volunteer to help move things along.  We could also be called upon to be a “bead”.  Let Cheryl Morin know if you are available to help.
Mark your calendar for Friday, June 5th at 6:30pm for a seminar on Women & Finance by Lorna Burkart.  What you don’t know about your money can hurt you!  Even if you’re doing everything right, wouldn’t it be nice to hear it from a professional?
Our next Christmas Bazaar Committee (Sue Haulotte, Jo Ann Rowley, Kristi Surratt, Vicki Rosich, Dorla Barres, Debbie Shaffer, Lisa Lavado, and me) meeting will be Tuesday, May 19th at 6:00pm.  We will have it at the Parish Center in case there are things we need to look at.
So far Vicki Rosich, Dorla, Kathy Brophy, Kathy Luty and I have volunteered to help the day of the Golf Tournament (Friday, August 14th).  Vicki’s Bag is donating $50 toward prizes.  If you know anyone who golfs, why not ask them if they would like to join us?  You don’t have to be a great golfer (case in point: my husband) to come out and have a really fun day!  In fact, most of our golfers  are pretty average.  I have attached the golf sign up sheet that you can forward to your friends or print and put on the board at your job, the Senior Center, or wherever else you happen to be hanging out.  There is also a page for the Golf Tournament on our website with all of the details and sign up information.  The committee is also looking for hole sponsors.  For $100, the sponsor will have a lawn sign placed on one of the holes.  There is a game for the golfers involving the sponsors, so they are checking them all out.  There are people who sponsor a hole in memorial to a loved one as well.  Perhaps you, or someone you know well has a business that could be promoted in this way.  Finally, the committee is looking for donated prizes and baskets for the raffles.  This is a very successful and fun part of our Tournament!  I know we are all ladies, but most of our golfers are men, so think “manly” prizes to attract them to buy tickets.   If you have any questions or helpful suggestions, please direct them to a committee member – Karen Aubin, Paula Nowakowski, Rosie Payne, Kathy Luty, Dorla Barres, Kathy Kral, Madeline Illinger, or Terri Craig.
Our next First Degree Ceremony for new members will be Sunday, June 7th at 2:00pm.  Our Degree Team will be myself (President), Jo Ann Rowley (Vice President), Kathy Brophy (Past President), Paula Nowakowski (Chairman), Tara Ingraham & Kathy Kral (Candle Bearers), Alex Kral (Cross Bearer), Vicki Rosich(Sentinel).  The Degree Team is also asked to bring a small and simple refreshment to share afterward.  We are expecting several new members and will be joined by our District Deputy, Joan Carlson with some of her candidates.
We will be soliciting donations for new tables and chairs for the Church Hall.  In fact, one anonymous donor has also bought a new table!  The floor looks so fantastic all stripped and waxed!  The new curtain rods are up on the windows and the valances are nearly ready.  It’s time for new tables and chairs!  Donna Coombs has gotten some pricing on commercial grade items and Fr. Ted will give his input.  Then we will be underway and you will see this in the Church Bulletin when we know for sure.  Little by little……
As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter, we are going to have a Columbiette Work Night.  This is an informal get together and actually non-Columbiettes could participate.  The date is Wednesday, May 27th at 6:00pm.  We will be meeting in the upstairs large meeting room at the Parish Center (a.k.a. Sue Haulotte’s classroom).  Some of you have asked for it and we now have a project!  We will be putting together flower arrangements and wreaths with our donated flowers.  If you have any vases of any kind, picks, or foam flower bases (a.k.a. frog)  that you would like to donate, please bring them along or drop them in Room 209 upstairs beforehand.  There is no lock on the door.
I think I’ve rambled on long enough.  I’m so proud of our Auxiliary!  Thanks for all you do to help make us great.
  •  Maryann