Newsletter - March 2018

posted Mar 21, 2018, 5:09 PM by Maryann Stradczuk

Hello Ladies!

Welcome to Lent.  I have never felt that giving up chocolate (or fill in the blank) was a good exchange for Jesus hanging on the cross for me.  I’m making a conscious effort to do at least one good deed each day.  Sometimes it’s a kind word for a stranger.  It might be taking an extra minute to listen to someone who seems lost.  I feel like it brings me closer to Jesus and is still a sacrifice for me.

We have a few potential new members – Madeline Allard, Michele Chamberlain, Carol Adams, and Cheryl Viens.  I don’t have any contact information for Madeline or Cheryl.  If you know these ladies, please give me the information so they can be contacted for this.  Maybe you know someone else who would like to join.  Invite them!  We are going to have aFirst Degree on Tuesday, 2/27 in the Church.  We will meet at 6:00pm for rehearsal and the First Degree will begin at 7:00pm.  I have our new robes and will steam them for the occasion.  Yay!  So far the Degree Team consists of Tara Ingraham, Jo Ann Rowley, Donna Coombs (?), Vicki Rosich, Kathy Kral, Traci Edwards, and myself.  Fr. Steve has another obligation and will not be joining us.  

Fr. Ted has asked that all items that are dropped off for donation in the center vestibule be picked up weekly.  If you are on a committee for a project, take a look to see if someone has dropped off something for your project.  Please pick up what’s there for you.  Traci Edwardshas volunteered to grab whatever is ours, but I think if we all take ownership it will be pretty smooth and we won’t wear Traci out.  You can bring the items to the meeting or store them in one of our rooms for regular distribution.  Fr. Ted has made this request of all groups, so only the items for our projects need to be picked up by us. 

Donna Coombs and Linda Pucel have a wonderful idea for the flowers that we have upstairs at the Parish Center.  We are going to get together for a Work Night on Tuesday, March 6th (Parish Center) to put them together in vases or coffee mugs.  These will be brought to a nursing home to brighten the day of some of the residents.  Great idea! Bring any spare vases or coffee mugs you may have.  If you have any ribbons, I’m sure they would help lend a festive air. 

We are hoping to have our Christmas Bazaar this year on November 3rd.  We are awaiting approval from Fr. Ted on the date.

We are selling tickets for Foxwoods Bingo on Friday, April 6th.  If everyone supports this and sells a few, this event will be a great success!  We had so much fun last time, I’ll definitely be there!  There are lots of people who really enjoy this cheap form of entertainment (just $15/ticket).  Ask them!  Sue Haulotte has tickets.

We are going to have a Book Sale 4/14 (2:00-6:00pm) and 4/15 (9:00-1:00).  Flemming’s has generously donated shelving that really helps this ongoing project.  Sue Haulotte and Dorla Barres are on the committee so far.  I’m quite sure they would appreciate help.

In conjunction with the Book Sale, we will be having a Pancake Breakfast – 4/15 (9:00-11:00)!  This is a fun idea that we haven’t tried yet.  Kathy Kral, Linda Champagne, and Tara Ingraham have so far volunteered to be on the committee for this event.  Who’s with them?  Let me know.  The more the merrier. 

We have received donations of rosaries to be able to hand out at events.  Vicki Rosich, Traci Edwards, and Bea Denomme have volunteered to collect them and put them in snack bags so they are nicely separate.  I will print brochures on how to pray the rosary to have them ready to give together. 

We decided at the meeting to offer to host this year’s Major Degree (4/28).  The Degree Team (comprised of State Columbiettes) brings all of the necessary equipment for the ceremony.  Our part is to set up the hall and make sure everything goes well.  The Major Degree is a beautiful ceremony that builds on the First Degree.  Major Degree members are considered full Columbiette members and I encourage all who have not taken their Major Degree to do so while we are hosting.  It is nice to have a State event in Eastern Connecticut!  I am working that day, but Jo Ann Rowley, Tara Ingraham, Kathy Kral, Linda Champagne, and Cheryl Morin have volunteered to host.  I have booked the Church Hall for this event.  

We voted at the meeting to contribute $300 toward sending two students to Steubenville East.  This is a wonderful teen weekend retreat that we have supported since our inception.

We will be having a Ladies Tea once again this year (5/5).  This will be in two parts.  Young ladies grades 4-7 and their moms (or other significant female) will be invited for 11:30-1:00.  This tea will have a theme based on the book Princess & the Kiss, which is a call to purity for young ladies.  You can find out more at  Cheryl Morin and Donna Coombs will be conducting the program and will chair this tea.  The second part will be our standard Ladies Tea (1:30-4:00).  We didn’t form a committee and need to do so.  So far Traci Edwards, Kathy Kral, and I have volunteered to sponsor tables.  Table sponsors would bring the tablecloth (or borrow one of ours), centerpiece, and all utensils and tableware for their table.  Every time our hall has looked amazing!  And we have had a wonderful time.  Some of our members have joined because of their exposure to us through the Ladies Tea and it really is a wonderful parish event. 

We haven’t had a Columbiettes Get Together in some time and have scheduled one for March 8th – 6:00pm at my house (178 Bitgood Road, Griswold).  I will supply all of the plates, silverware, glasses, and ordinary condiments.  The rest will be a pot luck.  Make your favorite recipe, or bring something simple.  It’s up to you, but please come join us for a fun evening.  Daughters and granddaughters are welcome!

I really enjoyed last week’s meeting.  It was nice to spend time with all of you.  I appreciate you more than you know.  Our next regular meeting is Monday, March 5th at 6:30pm in the Church Hall.  Social Hour begins at 5:30pm.  Divine Mercy Chaplet is being said in the Parish Center Chapel at 5:00pm.  I look forward to seeing you!

-      Maryann