Newsletter - June 2015

posted Jul 24, 2015, 6:47 PM by Maryann Stradczuk
Hello Ladies!
This coming Sunday (June 7) is our First Degree Ceremony.  The Degree Team should arrive at 1:00pm to set up and prepare.  Our team is as follows:  Me, Jo Ann Rowley, Kathy Brophy, Paula Nowakowski, Tara Ingraham, Kathy Kral, Joan Carlson, and Bea Denomme.  Candidates should arrive at 1:45 to fill out the application form.  We will also be having our annual Installation of Officers Ceremony.  All Columbiettes and Third/Fourth Degree Knights are encouraged to join us to greet and support our newest members.  If someone you know has been on the fence about joining, why not let them know what a great group we are?  And we do good things for our Parish and our community.
This Friday (June 5) is our Women and Finance talk with Lorna Burkart.  There’s no charge or obligation if you show up, but I trust Lorna and she is a finance expert.  I’ve known Lorna for about 20 years.  Stan and I had her go over our stuff and received a check for over $7000 that we were not expecting from something we never would have known about if it weren’t for Lorna.  She also set us up for success in other areas.  What have you got to lose?  This will be held in the Church Hall at 6:30pm this Friday.  Check it out!
Ceil Roberge is still collecting lottery tickets and chocolate for baskets for the CT State Columbiettes Conventionon June 13th.  If you’re busy (like me), you can give her a few bucks and let her shop.   Jo Ann Rowley and Cheryl Morin will be our delegates.  I have been nominated for State Financial Secretary and will be voted upon at Convention.  If you are interested in going to Convention to see what goes on at the State level, please let me know.  Our Auxiliary has voted to pay the $10 registration fee and the member pays the $45 for lunch and swag, etc.  Ceil Roberge, Patty Martinell, and Jackie Connelly (if they would ever let her know when they’ll be there) have been working hard to put together our Shoeboxes for the Homeless, which are brought to Convention.  Last year was our first year and we brought 26 boxes.  This year we are bringing around 70 shoeboxes!!!  What an amazing increase!  I can tell you that this may be one of our most appreciated ministries.  The people who receive these from all three dioceses in CT really have so little and the shoeboxes are a great joy and comfort to them.  
We have been busy getting ready for this month’s Columbiette Yard Sale on Saturday, June 27th Vicki Rosich is chairing this event.  Janice Steinhagen has volunteered to make the sign for out front.  With our great street exposure, we should have the sign out on the church steps the previous Sunday.  We will be selling books and various other donated items on the church steps and the lawns across the street.  Since we have loads of space, we are also renting out 10’x10’ spaces for $25.  Why not see if you have enough junk (uh, stuff) to fill up a space?  I will have a table and probably have enough “stuff” to fill a few spaces.  Since I am volunteering with the sale, I have my grandson, Derek, manning my table.  If you are getting a space, please plan to set up your own table or schlep one from the church hall.  You can see why nobody wants to bring out 30 tables across the street!  If you or a strong person you know can help with the committee, please let Vicki or myself know.  We will be pricing stuff (probably the day before) and setting up stuff the day of.  We didn’t set a time at the meeting, but I’m thinking 10:00am-4:00pm to capitalize on our 4:00 mass.  The Stubenville students will be running a Bake Sale during the day as well.  We have candy and water left over from the Bicentennial Parade and should think about selling some of it while we are selling Raffle Tickets.  
June 27th is a big day for Columbiettes and we are also having the Chicken Dinner.  For a measly $10, you will receive a chicken breast, cole slaw, baked beans, roll with butter, baked potato, dessert, and water.  What more could you want in life on a busy day?  Kathy Kral is in charge of the dinner and has 150 tickets available.  Please have them available if you are selling raffle tickets after mass!  Alex Kral will be running a Bake Sale as well, so please consider baking.  We are trying something different with food procurement.  We are asking for donations, and each category has someone in charge to make sure we have enough, but not too much.  Kathy Kral will give us guidance in this area.  Here’s who you can contact to donate:
  • Cole Slaw – Karen Aubin
  • Baked Beans – Kathy Brophy
  • Roll with Butter – Traci Edwards
  • Baked Potato – Jo Ann Rowley
  • Dessert – Alex Kral
  • Water – Maryann Stradczuk
    We could also use some grocery bags for take outs.  If you can help with food preparation, serving, set up, or clean up, please let Kathy Kral know.  There are many of us and if most everyone picks something they would enjoy doing, we will have a great event!
    Tickets for the Cash Raffle will be drawn after the Chicken Dinner at 7:00pm in the Church Hall.  Why not hang around to see who wins?  People have been amazed at how well the tickets are selling.  After all, who doesn’t love cash??  So feel free to take more ticket books than you need so you don’t run out.  Donna Coombs is your girl for more tickets.  Also, if you have sold full books, but not all of the tickets she gave you, feel free to turn in what you have sold. This allows Donna Coombs and Cheryl Morin to prepare the tickets for the drawing ahead of time.  Fr. Ted wants to have the proceeds deposited in the church account before the end of the fiscal year (June 30th), which means all tickets have to be accounted for.  Turning in ticket money as you go allows these ladies to do the work ahead of time.   Part of the reason we are having all of these events on the same day is that we will be able to sell tickets all day, and people seem motivated to buy more tickets close to the drawing.  The dinner before the last raffle we had was very well attended and became a really nice social event when people hung out for the drawing.  Maybe we bring out our bingo set just for fun??
    We are going to try having another Work Night on Wednesday, June 10th at 6:00pm.  The general idea is that we get together and chat while we’re working on a project.  You may choose to clean and organize the Church Hall Kitchen, help Sue Haulotte organize the books, organize and tag donated items for the Yard Sale, make flower arrangements to sell, or come up with your own idea (I like your idea already!).  There are so many areas that could use a little love.   Until the Stage Curtains are finished, that’s what I’ll be doing.  The idea of Work Night does two things:  Obviously, we get stuff done.   We also get to know one another better and enjoy each other’s company while we’re doing it.  This would be especially helpful for our newer members, or those who are less outgoing.  Feel free to wear your badges so everyone can get a grip on names as well.  You don’t have to sign up ahead of time, just show up at the Parish Center the night of.
    Our next big thing is our 3rd Annual Golf Tournament on Friday, August 14th.  Please consider carrying a flyer with you and giving it to anyone you know who golfs.  Tonight I found out that our cleaner at work golfs.  Yes, I told him about Columbiettes and our Tournament and asked him to golf with us.  I handed him a flyer to take with him.  Why not?  Even if you know someone who golfed with us last year, ask them personally and let them know how much we appreciate their support.  So far we have only one golfer officially signed up online, but there are many golfers who are interested in our tournament.  If you are on Facebook, I will have an event on our Columbiettes FB Page very soon.  Please share it on your wall to invite all of your friends.  If you know someone who owns an area business, ask them if they would like to sponsor a hole.  For $100, we will put a lawn sign on one of the golf holes during the tournament with their business name on it.  Individuals have also sponsored a hole in memory of a loved one.  We are also looking for prizes for the raffle.  Keep in mind that most of our golfers are men and may not appreciate the finer points of a fragrant bath set!  ;)  In the past, many local businesses have donated prizes for our raffle.  Maybe you frequent such a place and could ask them?  Obviously an event like this doesn’t just happen accidentally and we are grateful to our hardworking committee:  Paula Nowakowski, Karen Aubin, Madeline Illinger, Rosie Payne, Terri Craig, Dorla Barres, Kathy Luty, and Kathy Kral.  Those who have already volunteered for working this the day of the event are Vicki Rosich, Dorla Barres, Kathy Brophy, Kathy Luty, Terri Craig, Patty Martinell, and myself.  There’s still plenty of room for you to join the fun, even if you don’t know diddly about golf (like me)!
    The Living Rosary (thanks, Cheryl Morin, Donna Coombs, and all Columbiettes who made it possible!!) was an enormous success!  Many of the children were not too familiar with saying the rosary, their families discovered how to say a group rosary, and one observer was moved to tears with gratitude for the event.  Needless to say, we will be doing this again in October.  
    Speaking of success, last year’s Wine and Beer Tasting was so great that people have been asking if we are doing it again this year.  Yes, we are!  A date has been set for Saturday, October 3rd.  So far the committee consists of Kathy Luty, Sue Haulotte, Becky Jusseaume, Kathy Brophy, Paula Nowakowski, Dorla Barres, and Jo Ann Rowley.
    Bea Denomme had a couple of Columbiette logo flags embroidered by STM Embroidery for use on her son’s car during the Bicentennial Parade.  She is donating them to us for future use.  Thanks, Bea!
    I thought this would be a fairly short newsletter, but I really want to have everything in writing for you to have all of the details to be able to pick and choose what you like.  This way you can know what’s going on, even if you aren’t able to attend the meetings.  This information is also posted on our website in case you misplace it.  I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!
    Our next meeting is July 6th at 6:30pm in the Church Hall.  Social Hour will begin at 5:30.
  •  Maryann