Newsletter - January 2016

posted Jan 16, 2016, 12:12 AM by Maryann Stradczuk

Hello Ladies!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped set up for or otherwise contributed to the Epiphany Dinner!  The hall looked great!  And the way it was set up, the entire hall was used and socializing was at a maximum.  I haven’t seen a dinner like that since I can recall.  The food was great and everyone had a good time. 

We voted to appropriate $1000 toward the purchase of chairs at the meeting.  Sheila had another donation from a parishioner for this purpose, and will be ordering them soon.  Little by little we will be more comfortable!

We have made progress on a couple of ongoing projects.  Kathy Kral met with Pat Trainor, the plumber who will be installing our commercial dishwasher in the Church Hall.  Cheryl Morin has procured the pro bono services of an architect for our Church Hall entry project.  Paul Morin was searching about for a community service project, and here we are!!  Hopefully we can schedule a meeting soon to discuss details.  We have about $12,000 saved up for this project.  The goal is to have a beautiful new entry that faces the street and has even stairs for the comfort of all.  For our handicapped friends, we will install a seat lift.  The vast majority will have comfortable accessibility to the Church Hall! 

This year’s Christmas Bazaar Committee will be Sue Haulotte, Jo Ann Rowley, Kristi Surratt, Maryann Stradczuk, Vicki Rosich, Dorla Barres, Debbie Shaffer, Lisa Lavado, Allison Turcotte, Ann Olewnik, and Terri Craig. 

Crafts will still be Patty Martinell, Jackie Connelly, and Ceil Roberge.  Thank you, ladies!  Let them know if you are interested in making something for sale.  Small items seem to move the best!  Ann Olewnik has an idea for a craft project to sell at the Christmas Bazaar that involves keys.  If you have any keys hanging around that you no longer need, please give them to Ann to be transformed into something wonderful! 

Vicki Rosich and Maryann Stradczuk are working the Silent Auction.  I think we could use more people on the committee to make this even more of a success than it already is.  All members - please consider procuring one good item for the Silent Auction.  It could be a vintage item from your home that has overstayed its welcome.  I have bought several items at the Silent Auction this way – a painting, crystal bowl, lovely nativity, and several more.  Or maybe you have a connection with a business that may donate an item.  Suggestions could be Mystic Seaport, any restaurant that you go to who would be willing to make a donation, or an event that you may have a connection with.  If you decide to buy a gift card, keep in mind that we most often don’t get face value for the cards.  It’s just the way Silent Auctions are. 

We will have the Christmas Decoration booth again this year.  This has been very popular for people to donate their unused items to, and the buying was pretty spirited as well. 

Lori Mock will be assisting Jo Ann Rowley with Catholic Action.  Lori is one of our newer members and is tapped in to Catholic Action ideas.  Thank you, Lori!

Barbara Hanes has been doing a great job with our sign across the street.  I received a very cheerful attaboy on our behalf from George Wilson at mass this week.  Thanks, Barbara!! 

We are still collecting aluminum pull tabs for donation to Ronald McDonald House in New Haven.  I bring them to the State Board Meeting to be combined with other Columbiettes’ donations.  They are very grateful for our continued support.  Please give your tabs to Traci Edwards or me.

We had much discussion about adopting a Mission Statement.  I asked the State President, Kathy Bacon, if Columbiettes has a Mission Statement.  We do.  It is as follows:  “Whereas, A Columbiette Auxiliary is in existence only with the consent and approval of the council with which it is affiliated, its basic purpose is to promote spiritual, social, intellectual and economic welfare to its members and to stand ready at all times to give service to the Knight of Columbus.”  She admitted that she thought it was vague.  After much discussion at our meeting, we crafted a Mission Statement that could work for us.  Please read this over carefully and we will vote on its adoption at our February meeting.  Here it is:  “The Columbiettes is a Catholic Women’s Organization that is the ladies auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus.  We are committed to the spiritual and social support of our members and of our parish.  We embrace our community as Ambassadors for Christ.  In addition, we support the wider missions of The Columbiettes and the Knights of Columbus.”

We are planning to have a Jamberry party on Thursday, February 25th.  We should have brochures and other information at our February meeting.  Jamberry nail wraps offer the hottest trend in fashion.  They have over 300 different designs.  We will promote this in the bulletin, on our website, and on our sign.  We would receive 15% or more of sales.  Is anyone interested in chairing this event?  I plan to do the advance work, so this would mostly involve taking the shipment and distributing it to whoever purchases.  Barbara Hanes, could you please add this to the sign by February 1st?  It should say Jamberry Nail Wrap Party – St. Mary’s Church Hall – Thursday Feb 25th (I’ll get the time for you soon.).

Our Holiday Party is Friday, January 22nd at 6:30.  Lisa Lavado has generously offered her home for our party at 2 Haley Meadow Road (off Geer Road).  We are pot lucking the dinner.  Please let Lisa know what you plan to bring.  Rosemary Robitaille needs a ride, if you can help her out.  I’m looking forward to it!

Bishop Cote will be conducting the Holy Hour for Vocations at St. Catherine’s on Thursday, January 28th at 6:00pm.  Fr. Ted would like all who are able to attend. 

We are planning to have a Yard Sale on a Saturday in June.  Gather up your unwanted items!

E-mail is a wonderful thing!  Some of our members just don’t use it, and we want them to keep up on things that are going on.  These members are “adopted” by another member who has e-mail.  Good idea!  I mail out the newsletter to them, so it’s just a matter of calling her when something comes up in the middle of the month.  There was some question about who adopted who, so here’s what I have:

  • Ceil Roberge – Jackie Connelly

  • Vicki Rosich – Kathy Luty

  • Vicki Rosich – Glenda Marion

  • Claire Hull – Rosemary Robitaille

  • Becky Jusseaume – Joanne Belisle

  • Dottie Rex – Ann Leffler

  • Maryann Stradczuk – Kristi Surratt (nights & weekends)

  • Tara Ingraham – needs adoption

  • Terri Craig – Therese Garguis

The Ladies Tea will be Saturday, April 9th.  We will discuss this at the meeting, but please mark your calendars!  Also, consider being on the committee for this really lovely event that is such a wonderful outreach for us!

Donna Coombs and Cheryl Morin are starting the Divine Mercy Chaplet on the First Friday of each month in the Chapel at the Parish Center.  This will be at 6:30pm.  Check it out!

Our next meeting will be February 1st at 6:30pm in the Church Hall.  Social Hour will begin at 5:30pm.  All of the dates and times for the events listed are on our website calendar (

Thanks to you, we are (in my opinion) one of the most vibrant of Columbiettes auxiliaries!  Thank you for all you do.


  •  Maryann