Newsletter - April 2018

posted Apr 27, 2018, 3:15 AM by Maryann Stradczuk

Hello Ladies!

Like me, you probably received the yellow raffle tickets from Supreme Columbiettes.  I have my envelope ready to go.  If you would like to include yours with mine, please bring them to this month’s meeting and I will send them out.  After that, you’re on your own! 

April 28th is the date for this year’s Major Degree.  There are two levels of Columbiette membership.  You start out as a First Degree member.  We conduct this ceremony here in the Church to welcome you to our merry band of ladies.  The Major Degree is the next and final step to full Columbiette membership and allows you all rights and privileges.  If you are a First Degree member, please consider making your Major Degree this year.  The ceremony is beautiful and builds on the First Degree ceremony.  This year’s Major Degree is being held at St. Maria Goretti Church in Wolcott.  It is also a wonderful social event with a Pot Luck lunch afterward.  3rd Degree Knights and Major Degree Columbiettes may witness the ceremony.  There is also room on the Major Degree Team, if you would like to take part.  It’s fun!

Fr. Ted spoke at our meeting to give us more information about the Church Hall Entry.  He has not approved the design and is looking to make changes to have more of the ramp outside and covered.  He would also like to have the ramp away from the property line so the neighbor’s driveway would not have to be taken out and replaced as part of the job.  He did receive one quote that was quite a bit more than we had thought and fixed all of the drainage problems we have on the left side of the Church. 

What a great time we had going to Foxwoods Bingo!  It was so great to see our Sister Columbiette, Becky Jusseaume, win one of the games and go into the money booth.  Thanks to Sue Haulotte for making this possible.

The Princess Tea (May 5th / 11:00am-1:00pm) is shaping up to be a really nice event.  Young ladies (grades 3-6) are invited and it was decided at the meeting that they could bring a friend of the same age group along with a responsible adult.  Cheryl Morin and Donna Coombs have a number of princess-like things that the girls will be doing and it sounds like fun.  They can use about 10 volunteers, if you are available to help out.  You may already be there as this is the same day as the Ladies Tea.  Let Donna or Cheryl know.

We are going ahead with the Ladies Tea as well (May 5th / 1:30-4:00pm).  We are using the same format that we have in the past.  We would like to have 10 sponsored tables for decorating variation.  The Ladies Tea is before our next meeting, so we will conduct the planning via email, which I will do separately from this newsletter. 

I hope you had a chance to stop by our Book Sale and Pancake Breakfast this weekend.  As we discussed at the meeting, our Columbiettes auxiliary adds so much vibrancy to our parish.  Your efforts help our parish to be more social and beautiful. 

Speaking of beautiful, we are going forward with the new flower garden by the Parish Center and Rectory fence.  Would anyone like to assist with the tilling?  Please let me know.  This garden is going to be so beautiful and a great credit to our Columbiette commitment to our Parish.

You may recall what a fabulous time we had when the comedian, Dave Kane, came to our church with his Fr. Misgivings show.  It was so much good, clean fun.  He has a new show, Jokes My Irish Father Told Me, and we have booked him for June 30th.  You can check out his website, for more information.  Flyers and tickets ($20 each) will be available soon. 

I found the gavel!  Traci Edwards can rest easy.

The Cape Cod trip has been scheduled for this year.  It’s the weekend of September 14th.  Ceil Roberge will have the details at the meeting.  If you are interested in going, a $75 deposit holds your spot.  You know (or have heard) how much fun we always have on this trip!!  There are twenty available rooms.  First come, first served.

Our Columbiettes State Convention will be held this year on June 16th at Zandri’s Stillwood Inn in Wallingford.  Please come spend the day with your Sister Columbiettes.  So far JoAnn Rowley, Vicki Rosich, and (possibly) Cheryl Morin have signed up to go.  We are bringing two baskets to be raffled at the Convention – chocolate and lottery.  Please bring a bit of chocolate or a couple of bucks for purchase of lottery tickets to the May or June meeting.  I just looked at my calendar and the Convention has been moved from the original date to a date that I am working to cover my co-worker’s wedding.  Sadly, I cannot go to Convention and I look forward to it every year.  I will choose two delegates to vote on behalf of our Auxiliary.

The Yard Sale has been moved to August 18th.  After May 5th we are able to take donations for the Yard Sale.  Vicki Rosich, Debbie Shaffer, and I will sort and price the items for sale.  There’s room for you, too, if you want to help out.  It’s kind of a dirty job, but we have loads of fun doing it. 

I am putting together our Margaret Mary J. Mangan Award application.  This is awarded to a Columbiettes Auxiliary for excellence in several categories.  We have received this award every year that we have been eligible thanks to all of your hard work.

I gave Fr. Ted a check for his 10% of our fundraising.  He is always very pleased and grateful to receive it.

Remember to put our Columbiettes Get Together on your calendar for May 15th!  We always have so much fun when we get together.  This is a pot luck event for Columbiettes.  Daughters are welcome, too.  This year’s event is at my house.  I am looking forward to hosting all of you!

The new Altar and Tabernacle Cloths in use.  Notice how beautiful and white they are!  Thanks to Donna Coombs, Donna Wisniewski, and Cheryl Morin for this project.

Debbie Shaffer suggested that we open a store to sell items on a regular basis.  This would eliminate the need to have a Yard Sale and would provide a steady income stream.  It is a good idea!  We would have to iron out many details to make it happen.  Please mull this over and bring your ideas to the meeting.

Becky Jusseaume discussed Marina Forbes; a woman from St. Petersburg Russia who is an expert on Faberge eggs and Iconography.  She does charge a fee so we would have to charge attendees to bring this to St. Mary’s, but it could be a really fun event.  We thought that September could be a good time for this.  We will discuss it further at the meeting.

As always, we are a very busy and vibrant group!  I really notice this when I go to put it all down in writing for the newsletter.  Phew! 

Our next meeting will be Monday, May 7th at 7:00pm in the Church Hall.  Social Hour begins at 6:00pm.  Divine Mercy Chaplet will be in the Parish Center Chapel at 5:30.  This month’s Officers’ Meeting will be Monday, May 14th at 6:00pm at my house.   See you soon!


-        Maryann

Hello Ladies!

This is the email I promised you to talk about the Ladies Tea.  Here’s the basic info:

When:  Saturday, May 5th – 1:30pm-4:00pm

Where:  St. Mary’s Church Hall

Who:  All HSCC ladies are invited.

Wear your finery or come as you are.  It’s your choice!  All Columbiettes are asked to bring one plate of really good food.  Think pinky up, ladies!  We will also have tea, coffee, and water.  Soda?

 Should we make popcorn?

Should we get balloons?

Vicki:  Can you check through the boxes from Bunny to see if there are any good candidates for prizes?

We will have the ice breaker questions on the tables.  Please send me your suggestions for questions!

We are not going to have a bunch of prizes, but we do need a couple of them.  We need a prize for the table sponsor vote and one for a drawing of ladies who sign up ahead. 

I was trying to remember if we appropriated any money for this endeavor.  Did we?

We have the Church Hall booked for Friday.  What time would we like to set up?  Remember, we cannot set up for this event the day of after 11:00am because of the Princess Tea.

Please wear your Columbiette badges.  If you don’t have one and want to order, please contact JoAnn Rowley.  I think we could get them in time.  We will have written badges for everyone else, but it is always nice for us to be identified by name as Columbiettes.

Table sponsors bring a centerpiece, tablecloth, and all tableware.  We have tablecloths available in the closet to be used, if you like.  We have five tables right now.  I have e-mailed Fr. Ted to ask if he would be interested in setting up a table.

-          Kathy Kral

-          Traci Edwards

-          Maryann Stradczuk

-          Choir (Debbie Shaffer, Becky Jusseaume, et al)

-          Fr. Steve, Cheryl Morin, Donna Coombs

We need someone to check to see:

-          Do we have enough

o   Tea?

o   Coffee?

o   Sugar?

o   Sweetener?

o   Good napkins?

-          Is our soda outdated?

-          Are the tablecloths looking good for the food tables or in case we need to set up some extra tables?


Would anyone like to volunteer to be on the clean-up committee? 


The Ladies Tea page is up on the website.  Please go ahead and sign up so we can have an idea of who is coming.  If a friend tells you she’s coming, just go ahead to the website and sign her up.