January 2015 Newsletter

posted Feb 7, 2015, 4:08 PM by Maryann Stradczuk

Hello Ladies!

We are moving forward with the dishwasher for the Church Hall.  The side tables have been brought to the Church Hall.  Donna Coombs is working on contractors to hook it up.  

Columbiettes will be replacing the stage curtain in the Church Hall.  We have the fabric and Traci Edwards has checked on new hardware to have the new curtain operating smoothly and looking great.  The committee consists of Debbie Shaffer, Traci Edwards, Yolande Tice, Bea Denomme, and Vicki Rosich.

We are ordering Columbiettes aprons.  These will be a flat, cooking type apron in a lovely royal blue with two pockets and our Columbiettes logo on the front – for $15.  So far, the following members have said they want their own apron:  Renee, Jo Ann Rowley, Cheryl Morin, Kristi Surratt, Debbie Shaffer, Yolande, Barbara Hanes, Rosie Payne, Dorla Barres, Terri Craig, Bea Denomme, Jackie Connelly, Ceil Roberge, Kathy Brophy, Suzy Kenny, Jackie Goddard, Donna Coombs, and Leona Minski.  If you want to purchase an apron and your name isn’t on this list, please let me know.  I will be ordering soon.  

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the Epiphany Dinner!  

Columbiettes will once again be running a Cash Raffle to benefit the General Fund of our Parish.  The timeframe is March 27th through June 27th.  We will have a dinner on June 27th, but haven’t decided what the menu will be yet.  If you know of any events that could be an opportunity for us to sell tickets in that timeframe, please let Donna Coombs or Cheryl Morin know about it.  Fr. Ted will also be soliciting ticket sales from other Parish groups.

Bob and Ceil Roberge are running a trip to Cape Cod for the McCabe Knights and Columbiettes.  Rooms are limited, so book soon if you want to be sure of space.  We will arrive Friday, September 18th and depart Monday, September 21st (Sunday night is free).  We are staying at the Cape Cod Irish Village in South Yarmouth, MA.  The package includes 2 full breakfasts, 1 five course choice of menu dinner on Friday, and a banquet style dinner on Saturday.  The food is amazing!!  The hotel has a pool, hot tub, game room, nightly live Irish entertainment, and exercise room (you know where I’ll be!).  The rates per room per person are as follows:

  • Single - $190.00
  • Double - $145.00
  • Triple - $135.00
  • Quad - $115.00
  • Kids - $45.00

So if you are going as a couple, the total cost would be $290 for the weekend plus gratuities.  South Yarmouth is mid-Cape, so there’s lots to do in the area.  A $50 deposit per room is due by May 1st.  

At the January meeting, it was voted that we start our meeting at 6:30pm for the meeting on February 2nd.  We would have to change our bylaws to permanently change the time, but we are giving it a try for now.  Social Hour will still begin at 6:00pm.  I am not planning on cancelling Monday’s meeting unless the roads are pretty atrocious.  

Thanks so much for all you do to make our Parish great!

  • Maryann