February 2015 - Newsletter

posted Feb 15, 2015, 2:23 AM by Maryann Stradczuk
Hello Ladies:
A couple of notes on membership.  
  1.  Our next First Degree is Sunday, March 1st at 4:00pm.  If you have a pew buddy that hasn’t taken the plunge yet, please invite her to join us.  The brochures that are by the Church doors can be helpful to let them know what we’re about, as is our website – www.columbiettesofjewettcity.org.  There is a sign up page so we can have some information and know who to contact and how. 
  2. This year’s Major Degree Ceremony will be in Fairfield on Saturday, April 18th.  Jo Ann Rowley and myself are on the Degree Team and will be delighted to guide you through this really nice ceremony.  I’ll even drive and can take a total of five.  Pot luck lunch is served after the ceremony.  If you are a First Degree member, please consider making your Major Degree.  All officers and committee chairs must be Major Degree members.  Unlike the Knights of Columbus who have four levels of membership, Columbiettes have only two – First Degree and Major Degree.  Last year we were second in the State for new Major Degree members.  I was so proud of us!
It may be darned cold out there, but already we’re planning the Ladies’ Tea!  Last year’s event was such a tremendous day, that we will be doing it again.  Please mark your calendar for Saturday, April 11th at 1:00pm.  Our committee so far is Kristi Surratt, Kathy Kral, Yolande Tice, and Traci Edwards, but the more the merrier, so it’s not too late to join the fun.  I have created an informational and sign up page on the website, so please sign up if you plan to attend.  The Ladies’ Tea is open to ladies of all ages.
Our Stage Curtain Committee will be meeting on February 21st at 1:00pm in the Church Hall.  The committee consists of myself, Debbie Shaffer, Traci Edwards, Yolande Tice, Bea Denomme, Vicki Rosich, and Janice Steinhagen.  I checked out the existing hardware, and it looks to be in good working order.  Yay!  We will need new drapery hooks so the new curtain will hang correctly.  This will be a good beginning to have our Church Hall looking nice!  Hopefully we can finish it before the Ladies’ Tea.
The Bicentennial Parade is May 16th.  We are planning on marching in this fun event.  We have started a committee to explore how we can take advantage of this once in a lifetime, hometown event.  Jo Ann Rowley, Rosie Payne, Dorla Barres, and Kristi Surratt are on the committee.  Donna Coombs will check to see if we need a permit from the town to sell water on the street.  Becky Jusseaume will check the town website to see what the events are that we may participate in.
Plans for our 2015 Christmas Bazaar are steaming forward!  Our committee has done some shopping for items to sell at a profit.   We have picked up some great stuff and will offer them to Columbiettes first.  After all, we have to take care of our own!
The Golf Tournament Committee (Rosie Payne, Paula Nowakowski, Madeline Illinger, Dorla Barres, Karen Aubin, and Kathy Kral) will be meeting soon to begin planning for this year’s event which will be on Friday, August 14th.  I have some of the information on the website, and there is a sign-up sheet available for golfers.   It’s not too early to think about raffle prizes for golfers.  Think of things men would like!
Traci Edwards is still collecting Pull Tabs for Ronald McDonald House.  This is a State Columbiettes project that we are supporting. 
We are looking to form a Promotions Committee on a trial basis.  This committee would have a hand in promoting every Columbiettes event.  Every event requires different things.  Depending on the event it could mean flyers, bulletin inserts or announcements, television, radio, outdoor signs, or banners.  The point is that if this is what you do, you get good at it and do a great job.  It becomes easier as you go.   A committee of this sort would ensure that the wonderful events we plan would be known to our target audience.  And it would take some pressure off of the event committee, especially if promotions is not their forte.  Please bring your good ideas on this topic to the March meeting!
At the March meeting, the Nominating Committee will be selected to bring back a slate of officers at the April meeting.  Election of officers will take place at the May meeting.  I would like all Major Degree members to consider serving on this important committee.  
Speaking of our March meeting, it will be Monday, March 2nd.  Once again we will try starting the meeting at 6:30pm, with Social Hour beginning at 5:30pm.  I noticed that several members came late to last month’s meeting, so perhaps the earlier timeframe is not convenient for everyone.  We will have more discussion on this at the meeting to get the members’ opinions.
Thanks to everyone who takes a little (or big) piece of the things we do for our Parish!      

-  Maryann