December Newsletter

posted Jan 23, 2015, 6:58 PM by Maryann Stradczuk

Hello Ladies!

Welcome to our newest Sister Columbiettes – Yolande Baier and Pat Metzler!!  Ladies, we are delighted that you have decided to join us!

Our Anniversary Celebration was a great success!  Thanks to all who assisted at the mass.  I was pleased that Joan DiGioia, our State President, and Claudette Apple, our Immediate Past State President, were able to join us as well.  It was nice to have Elaine Durham’s husband, John, and her granddaughter, Sydney, on hand as we honored her service to Columbiettes.  The food at lunch was amazing!!  Joan DiGioia told me, “Boy, can your Auxiliary cook!!”  That about sums it up.  Thanks to the ladies who set up, cooked, and cleaned up for our lunch and Degree.  And thanks to our degree team.   Everyone seemed to have a nice time.  I really enjoy being able to socialize with you all.

Speaking of socializing…..  Our Christmas Party was a huge success!  Thanks to Rosie Payne and Terri Craig for hosting, and those who offered to help them out.   Everyone remarked about what a great time they had.

State Columbiettes have requested that all Auxiliaries review their by-lawsTraci Edwards and Jo Ann Rowley will be taking a look at ours this month to make sure they are up to date.  Speaking of Traci, she is home recovering from surgery and by now is probably a little bored.  Please try to call or stop by to say hello.

As per our by-laws, our books are being audited this month.  Kathy Brophy acts as our Past President and is committee chair.  Kristi Surratt and Debbie Shaffer are assisting.  Our books are audited twice a year.  Thank you for taking on this important job!  

Our Handicapped Accessibility Committee will be meeting on Sunday, January 4th at 1:00pm in the Church Hall.  This committee consists of myself, Paula Nowakowski, Donna Coombs, Jo Ann Rowley, Debbie Shaffer, Kathy Kral, Kristi Surratt, Mary McElhiney and Rosemary Robitaille.  For this meeting, we will be taking measurements and laying out a plan on how to proceed with making the Beatitudes door our primary entry for the Church Hall with a door facing North Main Street.  When the transformation is complete, we will be adding a seat lift to assist all who have difficulty with stairs to access our Church Hall.  All are welcome. 

Our Christmas Bazaar was once again a great success!  We had great Silent Auction items (some of which came home with me), Craft Table, Bake Sale, Christmas Decorations, Estate Sale, Food, and even tried our hand at Games of Skill!  Thanks to everyone who worked on this lovely event!!  We decided at our last meeting to take a more organized approach to next year’s Christmas Bazaar and have formed a committee to meet during the year.  Our first meeting will be Friday, December 19th at 6:00pm at my house.  Those who volunteered so far are Sue Haulotte, Jo Ann Rowley, Kristi Surratt, Debbie Shaffer, Vicki Rosich, and Dorla Barres.  We even appropriated money to possibly come up with an idea of something that we could make during the year to sell.  More ideas are needed!  Also, the Estate Sale committee has been disbanded and we are looking for an idea to replace this very popular table.  Keep our Christmas Decoration table in mind when you are packing away your decorations for this year.  If there are items that just don’t fit your décor any more, why not donate them for next year’s table?

Our church will be decorated for Christmas on December 21st after the 11:00 mass.  If you are free, please let Donna Coombs or Cheryl Morin know.  It seems that every year our church is more beautiful than the year before, and this takes a great deal of work, which is made much easier when lots of people take part.

Fr. Ted has asked Columbiettes to set up for the upcoming Epiphany Dinner, which is a Tri-Parish event being held at St. Mary’s on Sunday, January 11th.  Mark the date on your calendar!  We will set up the Church Hall the evening before.  So far Kathy Kral, Donna Coombs, Sue Haulotte, Paula Nowakowski, Barbara Hanes, Bea Denomme, Leona Minski, Jackie Connelly, and Jo Ann Rowley have volunteered for set up.  There’s plenty of room for more help!  We will discuss this at our upcoming meeting.

We voted once again to support one of our youth to go to Steubenville East, a very powerful retreat for teen Catholics.  I have heard the most wonderful stories from Steubenville!  This is well worth our support and is very appreciated by those who participate.

The Griswold Bicentennial Parade will be held on May 16th.  Since we happen to have a lovely front lawn right on North Main Street, we will be capitalizing on this by selling water and raffle tickets.  Jo Ann Rowley, Rosie Payne, Dorla Barres, Debbie Shaffer, and Kristi Surratt have volunteered for this.  This could be a nice event for us!

Our annual Columbiettes membership fee is due at the January meeting.  If you are unable to make the meeting, you can drop it in the collection basket in an envelope marked “Columbiettes”.  Ongoing dues are $10 per year.  Our two new members will need to pay $15, which includes a $5 fee which goes to Supreme.

We voted at the meeting to hold another Cash Raffle to benefit the St. Mary, Our Lady of the Rosary general fund.  This time we will take three months to sell tickets – April, May, and June.   Please let Donna Coombs or Cheryl Morin know if there are any events between 3/27 & 6/27 at which we could sell tickets for the raffle.  I plan to bring a few hundred tickets to the Columbiettes State Convention in June.  You will note that the timeframe is one month longer than last time, which should make it a little easier to profit.  Many of us thought that the Spring would be a bit better than Fall as we have so many functions in the Fall.  Plus, it makes it a lot more pleasant for us to hang around outside selling tickets!!

Please keep saving those soda tabs for Traci Edwards as we are collaborating with State Columbiettes to support Ronald McDonald House.  Also, Vicki Rosich is once again looking for oatmeal boxes to have her Religious Education students turn into tabernacles.  I take 1/2c rolled oats, nearly a cup of water, sprinkle cinnamon, ½ oz chia seeds (optional), and add 1c frozen blueberries.  Microwave 5 minutes and you’ve got a bowl of yummy goodness!

We voted at the meeting to support the development and purchase of a garden map for the lawn in front of the Parish Center and Rectory.  A planned garden would make our Parish look inviting and wonderful.  The plants could be included in our Christmas and Easter altar plants and be planted in the garden over time according to the plan.  We could include benches, walkways, and even a sign.  But all of that starts with a plan.  I think it’s a wonderful idea and I am pleased to have the Columbiettes name associated with it.

Thanks for all you do!  Everything in this newsletter is made possible by our members and friends.  Our next meeting is January 5th.