December 2016 Newsletter

posted Dec 20, 2016, 2:25 AM by Maryann Stradczuk

Hello Ladies!

This year’s Christmas Bazaar was a great success!  The lawn signs were incredibly popular and we had a constant flow of visitors.  Our committee met throughout the year and came up with some great, new ideas that we implemented.  In fact, I received very few complaints, which is always a good sign.  If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let me know.  Thanks so much to everyone who worked hard to make this event a great success.  People remarked that it is nice to have a truly local Christmas Bazaar.  I agree!  I have the food order sheets that were used this year to keep track of food and help with the flow of the kitchen.  Would anyone be interested in tabulating the information so we can have a better idea of what was sold and what we should buy for next year?  This would be helpful information to have.  If you can do this, please let me know. 


If you still have lawn signs for the Christmas Bazaar, please return them so they are all together next year when we go to set them out.  I admit to being guilty of not returning mine yet.


There was much discussion at the meeting about the purchase of new tables for the Church Hall.  The short of it is that the old, heavy tables are just too difficult for almost all of us to handle.  It is a large expense and I appreciate everyone’s careful consideration of the pros and cons.  In the end, the motion was voted down at the meeting with the generalized sentiment being that the cost was just too high to spend all at once.  Donna Coombs phoned the manufacturer and was offered a special price of $86.20/table with a minimum of 30 tables.  This means a $526 savings over the previous cost of $103/table.  At the meeting, we thought the cost was $110 each.  The offer firmly expires at the end of the year.  At the end of the meeting, I had no intention of pursuing this matter further for a bit, but this offer was just too good to pass up so I sent out an e-mail to the membership for a vote.  I’m sorry if this felt a bit underhanded to some, but that was not my intention.  I appreciate the spirited discussion that followed and in the end it was voted by the membership via e-mail, text, and Facebook that we purchase the new tables.  I know that some of you will be disappointed by this decision, but we go with the will of the majority.  On a good note, the tables we purchased last year are still straight and true and a delight to set up.  We will enjoy the new tables at every event for many years to come.  Thanks to everyone for your carefully thought out opinions on this.


The Epiphany Dinner will be Sunday, January 8th.  See the bulletin for details.  Columbiettes have volunteered to set up.  The set up will take place on Saturday, January 7th at 2:00pm.  Based on attendance from previous years, we will set up 14 tables with chairs, 5 tables for food, 1 table for beverages.  If someone is interested in running the popcorn maker, we can serve popcorn as well.  The tablecloths have been washed after being recently used and are available in the closet.  Cheryl Morin and Donna Coombs have volunteered to try to make some low centerpieces that can be used for this and other events.  Wanna help?  Let them know.


We voted at the meeting to spend a maximum of $500 on new altar cloths.  Donna Coombs and Cheryl Morin are working with Fr. Ted on the selection.  Donna Wisniewski has volunteered to do the sewing.  Apparently the current altar cloth has one more washing in it before it completely falls apart! 


We had no candidates for our First Degree in December, but I hear there are a few ladies who would like to join us.  We have scheduled a First Degree for Sunday, January 29th at 2:00pm in the Church.  The Degree Team will be Vicki Rosich, Kathy Kral, Jo Ann Rowley, Alex Kral, Ann Olewnik, Kathy Brophy, and me.  Interested ladies should sign up on our website, or contact Vicki Rosich.  Our membership is down for the year, so it would be nice to get back on track.  This is one of the criteria for our Margaret Mary J. Mangan Award.


The semi-annual audit has been scheduled for Tuesday, January 3rd, at 6:00pm at Kathy Brophy’s house.  Karen Aubin and I will join Kathy and the financial officers to make sense of the books.  This is a requirement from Supreme Columbiettes and makes a great deal of sense.


Kathy Kral is chairing a committee to make recommendations for kitchen improvements in the Church Hall.  So far, Lisa Lavado and Linda Champagne have volunteered to help.  The Scouts would also like to participate as they also use the kitchen.  The current set up of cabinets and sinks makes our kitchen very hard to function efficiently.  We have a great space, though, that could be made better with improvements that would have our kitchen be more on par with commercial kitchens.  Surprisingly, the equipment we would need is pretty cheap at auction through Adams Restaurant Supply.  There is, however, a good deal of labor needed.  Planning will be key and Fr. Ted must approve any plans.  I have e-mailed him and hope he will approve moving forward on this. 


Jo Ann Rowley and I attended the Fr. Hussion Columbiettes Christmas Party this month.  This is Joan Carlson’s group in Old Saybrook and they are a lovely bunch of ladies! 


Plans for the new entry with handicapped ramp are coming along and we may have drawings in January.  I know that many of you are impatient with an apparent lack of progress, but we continue to move forward.  The architect and engineering work is being done pro-bono and would have cost us about $10,000 otherwise.  This means that all of the money we have raised goes into construction.  We have been careful to put 40% of all of our fundraising to this purpose and have quietly amassed a respectable amount.  I feel confident that we will be able to complete this project in 2017. 


I have printed membership information/contact information sheets and will have them available at the meeting.


I wish you and yours the merriest of Christmases!  Peace on earth.  Goodwill toward men.  Our next meeting will be Monday, January 2nd at 6:30pm in the Church Hall.  Social Hour begins at 5:30.  Divine Mercy Chaplet will be at 5:30 in the Parish Center Chapel.


Thanks for all you do!


  •  Maryann