Events - Pro-Life Baby Shower - 10/6

We decided early on that if we are going to be pro-life, we need to support women who decide to keep their babies.  Simple, right?  We have been supporting the Cradle Fund, which supports disadvantaged women who decide to keep their babies instead of opting for abortion.  Sometimes they need basic items such as diapers, clothes, formula, car seats, and other basics.  Sometimes they struggle with a place to live.  The Cradle Fund helps them remove the obstacles to keeping their babies.  They really do a great job and we are happy to support them.  The women they help are so grateful!  

To that end, we are having a Pro-Life Baby Shower on Sunday, October 6th (1:00-3:00pm).  We do all of the usual baby shower silliness - games, food, chit chat, opening gifts, and lots of oohing and ahing.  In short, it's a lot of fun.  Everyone brings gifts and we usually have a young teenager open them.  You can also donate cash for a car seat.  The Cradle Fund has a deal with Walmart to purchase a car seat for $100.  Last year's Pro-Life Baby Shower not only netted a huge carload of great baby items, they also went away with enough Walmart gift cards for seven car seats!  They were thrilled and so were we.  

Thanks for supporting Columbiettes and this great cause that we love so much!

Here's the scoop on this year's Pro-Life Baby Shower:
  • When - Sunday, October 6th - 1:00-3:00pm
  • Where - St. Mary, Our Lady of the Rosary Church Hall - 34 North Main Street, Jewett  City, CT.  The Church Hall is through a door on the left side of the church.  
  • What to Bring - Please bring a gift of something that everyone with a baby needs.  Maybe it's clothes, diapers, sheets, formula, bathing items, or other basics.  Maybe it's a special item that a disadvantaged mom may not be able to afford like a super cute winter bunting.  If you're unsure or don't have time to shop, bring cash or a check and your gift will be gratefully accepted.  There are really no wrong answers here. 
  • What to Do - Please let us know you're coming so we can set up a proper number of tables.  We aren't charging admission, except requesting that you bring a gift.  Bring your friends and come out for this fun and really worthwhile afternoon.  You can email us to let us know your name and how many are in your party at or phone Donna Coombs at 860-376-0256.