New Church Hall Entry Project

Columbiettes are pleased to announce that we have been working closely with Fr. Ted and an architect to create a new Church Hall entry.  The new entry would replace the one we currently use on the left side of the building.  All would use a ramp that would be easier for everyone and would also be able to accommodate those in wheelchairs.  We are also folding in a project to revamp the landscaping on the entire left side of the church to eliminate a problem that allows water to flow into the Church Hall.  This part of the project is not glamorous, but is a great and welcome improvement!!

Since our installation here at St. Mary's in December 2012, we have been quietly saving 40% of all money raised for this purpose.  We now have over $18,000 saved up and are excited to go forward!!  That is a serious amount of money, but the current cost estimate is approximately $30,000.  As you can see, we have a bit of a funding gap.  That is why we are now soliciting donations for this project.  To be clear, all of your designated donation will go directly to this project. 

McCabe Columbiettes have been excited about the New Church Hall Entry for the more than five years we have been raising money for it.  We know that a welcoming church hall is the social hub of the parish.  To that end we have purchased new tables, padded chairs, and fabricated new stage and window curtains.  We are planning kitchen improvements as well.  Combining all of these improvements allows us to have more and better social events. 

There are many who will benefit from the New Church Hall Entry - people in wheelchairs, people who use a cane or walker for mobility, the elderly, and pretty much everyone who has trouble with stairs.  That's a lot of people!  This will also benefit anyone who brings items in and out of the Church Hall and would make it much easier to use a cart instead of lifting.  Columbiettes are hoping that parishioners will see the value in what we are doing and donate to it.  Pretty please?  We would love to be able to complete the project in 2018, but will not be able to do so without help. 

Please consider a donation in any amount to this wonderful cause.  You can drop a check in the collection basket addressed to Columbiettes with a note for Church Hall Entry in the memo.  You can also mail your donation to:

Cheryl Morin
270 Stone Hill Road
Griswold, CT  06351

If you have any questions about this or any other of the Columbiettes projects, please contact Maryann Stradczuk - 860-608-6772 or