McCabe Projects

I am proud to report that our Columbiettes Auxiliary is working on several projects.  Some are social to improve our wonderful St. Mary, Our Lady of the Rosary community, such as the Epiphany Dinner and our very popular Ladies Tea.  Some are fund raising projects to support the things we are trying to accomplish.  If you want the play by play of what we're doing, you can check out our "McCabe News Updates" page.  Here are some of our ongoing projects:

New Flower Garden -   Columbiettes have created a more beautiful flower garden between the Rectory and the Parish Center.  We will be moving the statue of Mary that is currently in front of the school to that area.   With the immense and amazing talents of Pat Bell, we have created a lovely garden there as well.  We plan to add to it each year.  

New Church Hall Entry - Like so many churches I've been to, access to our church hall is very difficult for many people due to stairs.  Columbiettes have decided to take up this gigantic task and make it happen.  We are currently raising money as it will take a good deal of funding.  We have saved over $30,000 for this very involved project and continue to put 40% of our fundraising to it.  We are now in the design phase of a new entry to the Church Hall which features a ramp and will be able to accommodate all parishioners.  We have an architect, Paul Morin, who has volunteered his time to design this project for us.  We are so grateful to him for his dedication to this wonderful project! We hired a surveyor to help with water issues that are on the left side of our church to be able to fix them while we complete this beautiful, new entry.    

Tables and Chairs for the Church Hall - Many of our old tables were warped and our chairs have been uncomfortable.  Columbiettes are working to change that.  We have given money to the parish for the purchase of many new chairs and have replaced all of the tables.  The new tables are much lighter and therefore easier to work with.  The new chairs have padding and are much more comfortable and better looking than the chairs we had before.  Now for most events the new, padded chairs are used and everyone is much more comfortable than before.  

ONGOING - Shoeboxes for the Homeless - Columbiettes from around the state (ourselves included) collect basic essentials and assemble them in shoeboxes for the homeless.  Connecticut Columbiettes brought over 600 shoeboxes to the State Convention in 2018 which were distributed around the state by Catholic Charities.  They were so grateful for our participation!  McCabe Columbiettes brought 100 shoeboxes to contribute.  Catholic Charities was so grateful!

ONGOING - Pop Tops for Ronald McDonald House - This is another State Columbiettes project in which we are proud to participate.  Connecticut Columbiettes brought about two hundred pounds of pop tops to the Ronald McDonald House in New Haven to support their good work.  This is another example of many hands making light work.

ONGOING - Campership ProgramThe Connecticut State Campership Program was founded in 1985 to help citizens with intellectual disabilities and their families by offering an opportunity for summer enjoyment.  Campership is open to all Connecticut residents.  Campers have a chance to spend a week or two with their peers in a secure environment and enjoy activities designed especially for them, offering fun and learning at the same time.  Their families get a chance to have a change of pace, take a vacation, and enjoy a break from their usual routine.  
        In the beginning, this program was funded by the Columbiette auxiliaries and many developed new ways of raising money to support it.  On the State level, we now solicit memorial donations for the living and deceased and offer space for booster ads in our annual convention program booklet.  We now receive donations from the Knights of Columbus annual Tootsie Roll Drive, The Knights of Columbus State Council, and the State Columbiettes Special Funds Program.  Many of which are presented at our annual convention.
        It is with these gifts and the dedicated work of our members that we have been able to each year increase the number of special people who go to camp - an experience that can make a world of difference in their lives and that of their families.  
        We are celebrating 31 years of this program which began with two campers in 1985 and has grown each year providing 950 camperships to date.  McCabe Columbiettes are proud to support this worthwhile project.

These are just some of the projects we are working on.  And we have ideas for many others.  We are also involved in a stream of social and fundraising events.  Most of these can be checked out in the top left box on this website.  Here are some of the projects we've completed:

COMPLETED - New Lighting for Parish Center/School Parking Lot - If you've ever been by our church in the evenings, you know this is a very vibrant place.  The lighting for the back of the school where many of us park for meetings was really dim.  There was one pole light in the way back, but the general area was dark.  Columbiettes suggested that this should be improved and Carl Brown (Buildings and Maintenance) arranged for new lighting on the side of the Parish Center that we funded.  The result is so wonderful!!  The side of the Parish Center and about half of the school parking lot are nicely lit now and seem much safer for all.  Columbiettes are pleased to support this project that makes such a nice improvement to our church.  

COMPLETED - New Stage Curtain in Church Hall - Little by little, we're trying to make our spiritual home a place that is pleasant to visit for everyone!  Columbiettes created a new stage curtain and valances for our Church Hall.  They make the whole room look better!!

COMPLETED - Cash Raffle to Support the Parish - It's no secret that our parish has had some financial difficulties.  Fr. Ted asked us to have a major fundraiser to support the general fund, and we responded by running a cash raffle in 2015 that brought over $13,000 to the cause.  We are currently looking for a new project to support the general fund.

COMPLETED - Pro-Life Baby Shower - We hosted a baby shower to benefit The Cradle Fund.  All gifts went to disadvantaged women and families who chose to keep their babies.  After all, if we're going to be pro-life, we have to support these ladies.  In as much as we love a good social event, we played silly shower games and had a wonderful time.  This event has been so popular, we do it every year.     

COMPLETED - Handicapped Signs - We noticed that the signs had been stolen from the handicapped parking lot on the side of the church.  Able-bodied parishioners were parking there and we noticed the handicapped walking from across the street.  Columbiettes funded and installed new signs that denote the entire parking lot has handicapped only.  

COMPLETED - Handrails to the Sanctuary - It only takes two steps to get up to our Sanctuary, but those two steps are very challenging to many of our parishioners.  Columbiettes worked with Fr. Ted on a design and selected a fabricator to attach a handrail by each of the lecterns.  After what seemed like such a long time, the handrails have finally been installed.  And they look like they belonged there all along!!  We also supported and paid for the new handrails on each side of the front of the church - one going to the Sacristy and one to the door to the outside with the lovely stained glass of Mary.  They also look like they have been there all along and very nicely add to the safety and ease of our parishioners.